C91 post

This time I just comment the albums I’m geniunly looking forward, and then a plain list of stuff I’ll listen to because I follow the circle/there are themes I collect arranges of/I want to approach to this circle/etc.


それを僕は恋と呼ぶんだ | Secret Messenger

And here is Secret Messenger’s newest album! It pretty much accompanied me during this last week, since it arrived in my house.
Compared to the recent Yuy’s works, this one has more instrumental tracks, and my favourites are 僕がいる街 and 世界の階段 (this one wins also for its title: “the staircase of the world”). Regarding the vocal side…
– CANAAN became a completely different song. Seriously, the only things this “OP version” and the original on Lost Prism have in common are the vocalist and the notes. w
– nayuta is simply nayuta :tea:
– I like Rubyeye’s vocals, and I wouldn’t mind to hear her on future releases. Also, hagazussa is my favourite track: is simply beautiful and the XFD sample didn’t do justice to it! The colored lyrics are exactly what you find in the booklet, but I had a help for romanize what is actually sung!

Circle: Secret Messenger
Album: それを僕は恋と呼ぶんだ (Sore wo Boku wa Koi to Yobunda) – that’s what I call love
Composition: Yuy
Release date: 30/10/2016 [M3-38]


落日 | 灰色Logic

Melonbooks DL

Each song on this album is paired with a particular illustration on Mononoke, 515M’s artbook centered on evil spirits (check out the preview by clicking on the cover or here). The release is short, but we have the usual Haiiro Logic’s good stuff and all the tracks are great, but my personal favourite is Monochrome Opera: it’s really catchy and I also have a special preference for miko’s tracks on Haiiro Logic. Nora to Boku no Garage is also really cool~

Circle: 灰色Logic (Haiiro Logic)
Album: 落日 (Rakujitsu) – setting sun
Composition and lyrics: 六歌 (Rocka)
Release date: 30/10/2016 [M3-38]


ハルシネヰション | 灰色Logic

Melonbooks DL

I’m glad that Rocka finally put up this album on MelonDL (along with Haiiro Logic’s newest album, which will be the next post)!
This album is very different from the usual Haiiro Logic: it’s a soundtrack, so the majority of the tracks are instrumental. Also, Nao was in charge of the composition and arrangements along with Rocka and together, they brought various sounds to the table. Even though I’m not familiar with the original game (which is a BL visual novel and you can read English infos here), I’ve enjoyed a lot this OST!

Circle: 灰色Logic (Haiiro Logic)
Album: 古書店街の橋姫サウンドトラック -ハルシネヰション- (Koshotengai no Hashihime Soundtrack -Hallucination-)
Composition: 六歌 (Rocka)
Lyrics: くろさわ凜子 (Kurosawa Rinko)
Release date: 13/08/2016 [Comiket 90]


AMETHYST | エミルの愛した月夜に第III幻想曲を


“What is “a human”, what is “a sin”…
A dark fantasy depicted with heavy gothic sounds.”

New M3, new Emiru3 album! As expected from the preview, 紫魂の波 is my favourite~

Circle: エミルの愛した月夜に第III幻想曲を (Emiru no aishita tsukiyo ni daisan gensoukyoku wo)
Composition and lyrics: サラ (SALA)
Vocals: 荊-いばら- (IBARA)
Release date: 30/10/2016 [M3-38]


M3-38 post (+ other things)

First of all, I had plans to write a “C90 after festival” post (this time with short and humorous commentaries), but I don’t think I’ll publish it… Also, I wanted to write a post for Kouroumu/Autumnal Reitaisai, but the noteworthy albums were very few. However, if you are curious, here is my list!

Anyway, M3-38 is coming at the end of the month and lots of album will be released!


Kouroumu 12/Autumn Reitaisai 3 – Hifuu arranges list

Time to revive this blog…?

So…! The other day I was checking my last posts here and I decided to continue with the Hifuu event list. I was quite proud of that post, even though I missed a couple of releases from minor circles (blame last minute announcements or them for being minor!!11).

This time I won’t prioritize any Latency/Old Adam arrange (also because, at the time of writing, we only have one arrange from the newest ZUN work).


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